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First Nations Radio Feed

2017 Native Storytelling Conference

You're invited to join us for a magical evening of indigenous-based storytelling. Break away from fast-paced technology and holiday chaos for a few hours to hear these precious, age-old stories. . .stories that help us understand our humanity and stories that inspire us to be better people, in balance with earth and each other. Scroll down below flier and click "read more!"

Storytelling Reflections 2016

On behalf of our core R.E.D. community, we'd like to once again express our gratitude for the help in supporting and participating in our annual Native Storytelling Conference last month. Please click "Read More" below photo for full story.

Solstice 2016

10th Annual Storytelling Conference December 17, 2016

Join us! Saturday December 17

Solidarity with Standing Rock ~ No Dakota Access Pipeline

R.E.D. will host a second rally and gathering of updates/information next Saturday, September 10 @ Noon on the Ashland Plaza. Similar to last week, we will open with a prayer and will launch into sharing updates and accurate information.

A reminder that a vehicle is leaving for Sacred Stone Camp early this week to bring donated items to women and children, including school supplies for the Home-School program they have, warm clothing, blankets, essential supplies, etc.. A drop-off site is 424 Helman Street--front porch. Go to "read more" under the photos. . .

World Peace and Prayer Day Ceremony 2016

On the brink of this 21st annual honoring of World Peace and Prayer Day, people across the world have been instructed and encouraged by Chief Arvol Looking Horse to pray in their own sacred places on June 21 with focus on bringing peace and balance into our collective consciousness by connecting to the land. . .to our Mother Earth. However you choose to honor this day, we are grateful for your attention to the social and environmental concerns facing us during this time of change and conflict. Click "read more" below picture to see more.

Response to Occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Headquarters

Our organization, Red Earth Descendants, has been asked to voice a response to the recent militant occupation of the Wildlife Refuge in Malheur County in northeast Oregon. Since the occupation is potentially volatile and full of political agendas from many entities, R.E.D. has not issued a statement until now, due to the respect we pay to our tribal elders. R.E.D. itself is not a political organization; yet, we understand that there are times when politics intersect with land rights, which in turn intersects with cultural identity and survival. Click "Read More" below.

Native Storytelling Conference 2015

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Storytelling Conference! It will be December 19, 2015 @ the Bellview Grange in Ashland, 4 - 8 p.m., potluck and cozy storytelling to celebrate the lessons (and entertainment!) through this oral tradition. Featured storyteller will be Kalapuya teller Esther Stutzman. We look forward to seeing you at the Grange!